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shoulder joint of pork

bottle of decent cider

two pints homemade chicken stock

knob of butter


two sticks of celery, preferably with the leaves


3cloves garlic

2oz diced bacon

tbsp mustard

1/2 a grated nutmeg

pinch cinnamon

tsp black pepper


fresh sage to taste

worcestershire sauce

marinate the posrk in cider for a day or two

take it out, dry it, sear ina very hot pan until very brown. set in a large casserole dish

using the same pan, saute the sliced leeks, diced carrot, bacon, and finely chopped celery until soft and just begining to brown, then add the creushed garlic. Throw all of this in the casserole with the pork.

deglaze the pan with stock.

add all remaining ingredients to the casserole, bring to simmer, then cook in a medium oven for about 2 1/2 hours, or until the meat is tender.

lift the meat out and let it rest whilst you reduce the sauce and test the seasoning.

serve with potatoes and yorkshire pudding